Law firm Bernhard Weber

Vienna, Austria

Get and keep your rights!

To right-searching citizens as well as to enterprises it becomes increasingly harder to find their way about the section jungle. Who faces or is already involved with a lawsuit or just tries hard to prevent juridical problems by law-compliant behaviour might get the impression to be swamped with the huge number of sections. It is indispensable to have the overview about all the rules and regulations in order to be in position to estimate the existing opportunities as well as the risks for own success in the best way.

Law firm Bernhard Weber supports its clients to obtain that overview by analysing the circumstances which are relevant in the specific cases, discussing their options and by working out solutions, for which an extensive interdisciplinary experts´ network is available. Law firm Bernhard Weber enforces the claims of its clients in extrajudicial negotiations or in court or before authorities. 

Arrange a discussion appointment with us to discuss the main features of your case as well as the costs linked with your legal representation in a personal first conversation. This helps you having the overview you need and leads you to find the right solutions. We are looking forward to seeing you.